Geology: Monks Park Slope Shaft

Monks Park quarry was once run as a museum and its slope shaft retains a series of small signs designating the beds of different rock types as you descend. Not being a geologist, I cannot confirm their accuracy nor provide much by way of informed commentary, but it is interesting to note the layers. These photographs were taken some years ago when the quarry was dormant, but as of 2016 it is once again a working quarry producing Bath Stone.

The slope shaft is an impressive sight from the bottom. slope shaft The next sequence of photographs shows the rock strata labels, starting from the TOP of the slopeshaft, walking DOWNWARDS. The first labelled layer is Forest Marble. In these upper layers, the detail of the rock itself is masked by all the white calcite that has formed over the top. forest marble Next comes the Rag Beds, which are again covered in calcite. rag beds In some places, the calcite coverage is considerable. calcite detail Next comes Bradford Clay. bradford clay Coral Bed. coral bed Ironshot Bed. ironshot bed Great Oolite. great oolite The final label is Oolitic Roofbeds. oolitic roofbeds